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Type: Skulptur
Format: ca 33x33x20 cm
Andet: Sculpey clay, wood, glass a.s.o B 30 x L 30 x H 20 cm incl fod Copyright ma

Type: Skulptur
Andet: Sculpey ler, metal, gazebind, akryl, lak

Type: Skulptur

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Maria Britt Hansen, 35 years, Painter & Sculptor from Denmark
Trained Social- and health assistant. Physiology, anatomy, pathology, psychiatry, etc. is included in my training and work, which also finds expression in many of my works.

I enjoy experimentation in all sorts of materials and have a profound need to study, reflect, transform, and express myself. Having had a creative nerve my whole life I started painting about 6 years ago. When painting on canvas I use mainly acrylic paint because it suits my temperament very well. I also use charcoal, various paint markers (Posca/Molotow) and spray paint. I am always experimenting with new techniques and testing new effects.
My work with sculptures started 1 1 / 2 years ago. The material I use is a polymer clay (brand name Sculpey). Detailed representations of objects can be drawn finer by this media than with ordinary clay. I especially enjoy being able reproduce my thoughts and show expressions down to the smallest detail. 

I finish the sculptures with acrylic paint and varnish and usually mount the piece on a base plate. The material of the base plate varies according to the expression / story / message. This can include soapstone, granite, steel, wood, plastic, porcelain, glass, etc. .. U name it;)

As in my paintings I like to confront people with reality through personal experience or impressions from my environment. I aim to obtain a certain degree of ambiguity in my work - in order to involve the viewer and make him reflect on the potential meaning of my work rather than serving it in an obvious and direct manner.

Frequently used themes: The taboo and the "ugly" truthful side of life. I occasionally like to use a humorous approach to these rather serious themes in order to involve the viewer. This humorous approach means that my work even reaches persons who usually prefer to close their eyes to the harsh realities of life, the humor being the thing that makes them stop - and then leading them into deeper reflections. Apart from the interest in taboos and the more grave site of life I am also a person with a lot of humor myself - so the nature of my work is also an expression of that balance in me.


>Exhibition at Gallery / Gallery representation and exhibited in various art associations, Marriott Hotel, private firms, public places etc.
>Projects for companies as well as commissioned work + Streetart, donations.
>Art and Art History exam 
>Teacher of art in social psychiatry.
>With the "Artists against social inequality", an association that supports socially disadvantaged through donations of our art works / exhibitions.
>Good rankings in various talent competitions
>Judge in the art competition "Talent Online" 

Magasin 'MEAT FOR TEA'  USA,,,Cover + Interview


The Book '101-kunstnere' sep. 2012

Exibition at Mariager Museum 4 august-september 2012

Artist at:

Galleri Bomhuset, Copenhagen

Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg

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